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mind you

a holistic approach to you

About Me

I am a professional psychotherapist. I support human growth and well-being with psychotherapy and coaching.


With mind you, I want to create a space, where we can bring your insights and knowledge of your self into light. I believe every individual is the expert of his or her life.I am here to facilitate this process and support you with the therapeutic tools and experience I have on the way to a healthier version of your self.

Anxiety & Mood Disorders

Depression, one of the most common mood disorder is the second leading cause of death in 15-29-year-olds. It is nothing like usual mood fluctuations or temporary emotional responses to everyday life.

Intercultural Couples

I facilitate dialogues among couples and cultures. Usual difficulties of relationships can multiply due to some cultural differences. Gaining a broader perspective on some cultural codes and expectations brings relieve and motivation for the relationship.


What does the body remember?

Our bodies store all our emotional burden. Those suppressed emotions time to time and thankfully reveal themselves in different forms and intensities.


Trauma can take many forms and everyone's reaction to it is unique. Many changes after trauma are normal also in the long term. Anxiety, unwanted thoughts, fear, avoidance, substance abuse, guilt, shame or depression are few of those responses.


International Community

Vienna is a vivid city with a large international community, yet acculturation is not always easy. Our cultural differences with reflective awareness can become competences.

Women's Health

Both physically and emotionally, hormonal changes that women go through in their lives, as well as socio-cultural expectations and rules or taboos all can sometimes cause a tremendous weight to carry for a woman.

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