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First meeting & fees
First Meeting & Fees

Our first meeting in order to get to know each other takes about 30 min or less and it is for free.

There are times that this takes longer, in that case, you can think of it as a regular session. 

Private pay patients pay fees directly to me without using insurance. This is ideal for those who prefer for their insurance companies to not have access to their mental health information or who do not have mental health insurance coverage. My individual therapy rate is € 100,- per 55-minute session for those who are insured by the public healthcare system. 

I have some amount of hours available for students or sliding scale patients who need a lower rate due to financial concerns.  I host these appointments generally in non-evening hours. The lowest fee for the sliding-scale arrangement is € 75,-. For couples therapy sessions, the rate is € 170,- per 90- minute session.

There is a possibility of a partial reimbursement by Austrian health insurance depending on the type of health insurance you have. WGKK refunds € 28,- per session. The client pays the full amount, and the health insurance transfers the money to the client’s bank account - on the basis of the submitted bills for psychotherapy and a confirmation from the general practitioner. 

Please contact the practice for additional information.

How long does therapy take? 

Honestly, this not an easy question to answer. Each individual is different, the easiest answer would be that therapy can last as long as you want it to last. For relatively simple issues, a course of therapy can be as short as 10 sessions. It can also be a solution-oriented counseling type of meetings that can take even shorter. For more complex problems, therapy can take as long as our therapeutic work remains beneficial to you and serves you to bring the changes you seek to make in your life.   

How long does therapy take?
Which languages do you work in?

I am fluent in English, Italian, and in Turkish language. German is also welcomed especially if it is also your second learned language. I am always open to finding that out together, during our first meeting.

We see how we feel and can decide together. 

Which languages you work with?
Do you work with teenagers? 

Yes, I do. In terms of certain mental, behavioral or neurodevelopmental disorders that require very specific treatment and intervention techniques such as Autism, I do refer you to other trusted colleagues who are specialized in those issues, just like specific institutions. Otherwise, I do work with all sorts of teenagers, from depression to adjustment problems. Gestalt therapy provides me a great variety of creative and experiential intervention techniques, which help us when traditional 'talking way' does not work and which I love to use with younger clients, too. 

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