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After my graduation from the psychology department at Istanbul Bilgi University, my master studies brought me to Vienna in 2009, where I currently live. In addition to my private praxis I am also employed by FemSud since 2012– a healthcare center specialized in women’s health. I am a doctorate student with a research focus on ‘phenomenology of self and gestalt therapy’. Also, I am a member of the teaching team at the International Program of the Sigmund Freud University since 2016. 

Over the past years, I have had a privilege to work with clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures each presenting with unique struggles. Whether you are a little confused millennial or a busy businessman, human psychic dynamic and reasons to seek psychotherapy often root from similar underlying psychological needs. Every human being is unique in their own way. We all come from a different culture, age group, socio-economical background, educational level or family, but more importantly what differs us from each other is how we exist in the world, how we relate to one another and deal with our problems, and how we see ourselves.   

I have this great opportunity now, here with mindyou, to reach you, share my professional integrative Gestalt therapy training tools and experiences, which in return also gives me enormous energy to continue to deepen my learning and grow as a person, as a professional.

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